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Getting Started


This documentation is your MyLottery reference manual, for both Mac and iOS versions. It covers both Professional and free versions. It should cover everything you need to know and is recommended to be read by both novice and advanced users of the application.

There are 4 basic sections of the application, which are visible either on tabs on the bottom of the screen (iOS), or on the right side of the screen (macOS).

The sections are:

  • Generate – used to generate new number combinations.
  • Saved – list and remove previously saved combinations.
  • Reports – analyze all combinations with statistical methods
  • Profiles – change, add or remove number profiles.

The application is built on two basic elements:

  • Profile – A generating profile, which describes how many numbers and in what range are they randomly generated, for example: 5-30 range, 8 numbers. Adjust this for the lottery you are playing.
  • Combination – A single randomly generated number combination.

Each of them are described in the sections below.




The most basic element of MyLottery is a number generation Profile. The profile describes what number range should be generated and how many numbers. Once a new number combination is requested, MyLottery will continue generating numbers until the desired amount of numbers is generated.

To change how many numbers are generated each time, Edit or Add a new profile.



On iOS version you may add commands to generate combinations for certain profiles as Siri Shortcuts. Press ‘SIRI’ button on the profile you want to create a shortcut for. The application will then ask you to speak the phrase you want to trigger the generation of the combination. Each phrase will only generate a single number combination, but there is no limit to how many times you speak it.




MyLottery is designed to generate thousands of number combinations. To generate a new combination, go on the “Generate” tab and press the “Refresh-like” button on the left side of the displayed numbers. Alternatively, you may also shake the device (iOS only). To save the current combination, press the Star button on the right side of the displayed numbers and it will be added to your Saved list.

If the number combination is almost perfect, but there is one number you don’t like, you may select or deselect a specific number by pressing the number itself. You may also select more numbers, if you wish.


Number generation algorithm


MyLottery uses a proprietary number generation algorithm. Usually digital devices use a pseudo-random generation algorithm, which is initialized with certain entropy data.

To ensure numbers are much closer to true randomness, MyLottery uses several sensors to enrich the entropy. The sensors used by the algorithm are: accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and the microphone.

If none of those sensors are available (or there is no permission), MyLottery will fallback to a Mersenne-Twister pseudo-random generator.




Reports is an advanced section of the application and gets activated as soon as there are more than 5 number combinations stored in your saved List/Tab for a specific profile. To see a detailed report, press the report of the profile and the application will show additional statistical properties of all combinations on the profile.

The chart represents how many times each number appears in relation to others. Scroll down to see additional properties such as the average number, randomness measurement and more.


Terms & Policies


The latest application’s terms and conditions,  EULA and Privacy Policy is available on the link below. Send questions and inquiries to

Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy