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A big part of the online community runs on Open Source.

We believe all contributions are really important.


By contributing to Open Source projects we help to push the entire community forward by sharing code and knowledge. Many very successful products were born in Open Source community and many more will be in the future.


The list below represents our largest Open Source contributions.
Powerful debugging framework for iOS applications that makes debugging a breeze. Includes an in-depth look into application, view hierarchy inspection, network logs, console logs, detailed device information and more. Started as Flipboard Explorer fork, but rewritten to support themes, plugins and various data collection.


Analytical is a simple light-weight analytics wrapper for iOS Swift projects. Inspired by ARAnalytics, which is a powerful Objective-C library. Analytical does not support all advanced functionalities of it’s providers, but it allows to directly access each instance for specific configuration.



LegoCV is a fully functional Swift/Objective-C wrapper for OpenCV. Not a standalone framework, but brings support to Apple platforms for several OpenCV functions and classes in a Swifty way. Objective-C++ is used to bridge between C++ OpenCV methods and Swift.



Saystack is a collection of simple classes and extensions for most common uses in any Swift project on Apple platform. It extends Foundation, UIKit and StoreKit frameworks and also supports macOS. It is a Swift counterpart to Haystack.


And of course many more that can be found on GitHub.